Update February 5, 2021

I would like to start by expressing my sincere gratitude to all of the residents, tenants, families, friends and team members at Fairview Parkwood for your continued commitment to the safety and protection of our Communities.

Together, over the past year, have learned a great deal about covid-19, and with time learn more about the disease, and its spread. With information, we enhance the protocols to protect the members of our communities. In the past few weeks, two additional measures have been introduced, the vaccine and the rapid antigen test.


As per Public Heath, immunization is widely recognized as one of the most effective interventions for reducing the impact of infectious diseases.

I am pleased to share the second dose of vaccinations is moving forward as scheduled within our long-term care and retirement homes. Also, the majority of Essential Caregivers and team members have received their second vaccination. This is an incredible milestone.

Rapid Antigen Testing

Rapid antigen testing is a screening tool that provides test results for covid-19 within 15 minutes of administration.

Fairview Parkwood Communities Clinical leaders are working to implement rapid antigen test to all team members, essential caregivers and contract workers. This will provide an additional level of protection for our Communities. We look forward to sharing details with you as they become available.

It is important to remember that even after the second dose of the vaccination and the implementation rapid antigen testing it continues to be important to stay vigilant and maintain safety precautions recommended by Public Health.

  • Stay at home if feeling unwell
  • Frequent hand hygiene
  • Practice social distancing
  • Wear a mask
  • Avoid large gatherings

I understand it can be confusing – we have new measures to fight covid and still have to maintain the same level of precautions. However, as we continue to learn about the impact of the vaccine, it is important to follow the Public Health recommendations. This includes following protocols when we spend time together inside and outside the Community.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to a member of the leadership team.

With kindness,
Elaine Shantz, CEO